About Us, Our Vision and Mission
About Us

Otjiwaṋa Economic Foundation is a not-for-profit social innovation and voluntary membership association; committed to unifying a community with the shared ambition of achieving economic empowerment and preserving Otjiherero language and culture.


To enjoy a higher living standard—where no single member of Otjiwaṋa lives below the poverty line by the year 2122.


To build robust, agrarian-based and high-impact institutions in education, culture, health, engineering, technology, entrepreneurship, business investments and research that enhances a culture of development, self-reliance and innovative renaissance.


Plan 2122
Plan 2122 is the framework that will help us steer and stay on course for the realization of our vision and implementation of our mission as Otjiwana Economic Foundation and all that we stand for. It is the framed picture of our perceived future, thus as we build towards the completion of that picture, we will build piece by piece as a parcel until the picture is complete. To simplify the end goal in digestible bits, all developmental activities will be geared towards these 3 three strategic themes - areas of action - strategic aims and 12 twelve strategic objectives.

Personal Development:

  1.  A high standard of living, quality of life and well-being of all community members.

Education (promote STHEAM - Science Technology Engineering Agriculture Mathematics & Health), Otjiherero language and cultural values that are promoted, preserved and protected., research and innovation. 

Transformed employable and job creating individuals for economic growth. 

Empower and inspire our youth and children to become agents of change - “transformational leadership".

The mother is grinding maize with a stone to make flour. There is some motion blur of the woman's head and hands as she works.
Community Development:

Healthy and well-nourished community. 

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. 

 Promote financial inclusion. (That drives digital payments, digital capital raising, digital investment, neo banking, and digital assets.)

Promote gender equality, all women and girls without compromising the community cultural values.

Sustainable Growth:

End hunger, achieve food security and sustainably commercialize agriculture. 

Develop sustainable ESG Driven institutions, Water for all for robust economic growth, promote aquaculture (ensure food security). and zero carbon emissions 

Inclusive, transparent and accountable governance. 

Financially self-reliant community.


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See Otjiwana Projects.

Otjiwana Education project

We recognise that we are all affected by the educational outcomes of our community and thus would like to become a learning community. A community of lifelong learners that recognises the inter-generational and multi-disciplinary approach to skills building and innovation. Education is the one sector that has potential to build good and safe communities and to create wealthy communities.

Otjiwana Media - Imwe vazewa nayo, yarwe isa ku mbwae woye…

Otjiwaṋa Media creates and communicate superior content with the aim to improve access to current and world class information content that can inspire our community to take informed action. We recognise that for the most part people have access but it is the type and quality of information that is of concern. Therefore, we develop media as a catalyst in ending information poverty. Find us at ESERE(OTJIWANA)100YRS clubhouse. 

Otjiwana Endowment Fund

Otjiwaṋa Economic Foundation initiative was birthed out of a passion to help our community become self-reliant. The endowment fund/development fund is about pooling community resources together to establish Ombwiko yOtjiwaṋa.

The mother is grinding maize with a stone to make flour. There is some motion blur of the woman's head and hands as she works.
Otjiwana Potato Pilot Project

A crop production initiative to improve access to affordable and nutritious food. Our community to grow and plant potatoes in a bag with the support from the foundation through training on how to grow and care for the potatoes. 

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